Daily Report Saturday May 7th BC Lier

Platinum Cup overall victory for Laurens Vanderbeeken.
After Laurens Vanderbeeken previously won the first test, on his birthday. Winning the second test on his wife Emily’s birthday. Tonight he won the Freestyle. Laurens rode to 72.500% which gave him a hat-trick and victory in the Platinum Cup.
Also today a nice second place for Priscilla De Jong and Vork’s Jackson her Freestyle was scored with 72.395%. This results in second place for her overall. Cathy Van Leeuw and Donnerfunke came third overall and also third in the Freestyle, her score today was 72.225%.
​Hat-trick for Amber Van Den Steen, she prolongs the title Belgian Champion Young Riders.
After the Team Test, the Individual Test and now the Freestyle, Amber Van Den Steen has won the title of Belgian Champion Young Riders for one year longer.
Amber Van Den Steen and Fame rode in the final Freestyle to a score of 77.795% and was unanimously put in first place by all judges.
The new Belgian Champion Juniors Jette de Jong rode Heavly Charming in the Young Riders Freestyle to 74.025%. This also gave her second place in the overall ranking.
Karoline Sofie Vestergaard rode Junior Hit in her Freestyle to third place with 73.085%. For Karoline this also resulted in third place in the overall ranking.
In the championship we see Louise Brauwers and Esprit in fourth place, followed by Athaline Van Roey and Gugranda.
​Jette de Jong Belgian Champion Juniors 2022.
The final Freestyle for the Belgian Championships was also the third victory for Jette de Jong at the Belgian Junior Championships. She became Belgian Champion for the fourth time, her first BK was in the Juniors and then three times in the Juniors. Twice with Heaven and today with Indini, her score in the Freestyle was 75.655% which was also a personal record for the combination.
Anna Peeters and Harlekin came second in the Freestyle today with a score of 71.665%. Aude Verheelde and Frappant scored 70.870%.
Results Belgian Championship.
Aude and Verheecke rode to second place overall with a total score of 218.093. Third place was for Clara Collard and Escape with a total score of 207.658.
Anna Peeters and Harlekin ended on the fourth place, Ine Bloemaert and Joy Forever we see back on the fifth place and on the sixth place we see Julie Opsomer and Jackson Win T.
​Isabel Cool winner of the Consolation Small Tour Belgian Championship 2022.
The consolation of the small tour final has just been won by Isabel Cool who rode in the consolation to a score of 70.882%.
Followed closely by Jorinde Verwimp, she rode to a fine second place with Ampere’s Diamond v/h Klaverhof, her score was 69.461%.
On third place we see Jennifer Reimer, with Zapzarap she rode to a score of 76.108%. Yinthe Van de Ven and No-Limit CV came fourth (66.961%) and Britt Baranya and Buffon came fifth (66.618%).
​Belgian Championship Children Team Test victory for Amber Hennes.
Also the second part of the Children’s Team Test was won by Amber Hennes. Today her score with Allegro v/h Trichelhof was 79.100%.
In the third Children test Chloë Cleymans rode Jondonderry to 75.121% and obtained again a second place. Chloë and Jondonderry are only two months a combination, and only her third Children test.
Elise Verwimp and Boemerang moved up a place compared to yesterday, today her score was 71,725% and she came third.
Sunday, May 8 at 08.00 hours the final test, the individual test will be held.
​Belgian Championship Ponies Liezel Everars also wins the Individual Test.
After the previous win in the Team Test at the BK, Liezel Everars adds today the win in the Individual Test. Today her test with Fs Capelli De Niro was good for 75.243%.
Also today we see Emilie Herweyers and Lesh La Perla in second place today good for 71.406%. We also see Emilie Herweyers back in third place, today her score with Don’t Dream We came to 71.352%.
Sunday, May 8, the final Freestyle is on the program, it will start at 09.15 hours in the Stephex Arena.
​Jorinde Verwimp wins the Brilliant Cup 2022 in Lier, Belgium
Today was the last day for the combinations which came out in the Briljant Cup. After the last part, the Freestyle, we can make up the final ranking.
Winner of the Brilliant Cup 2022 is Jorinde Verwimp who rode River Rise Benneton in the Freestyle to a score of 72.450%, ultimately this brought her the victory.
Wouter D’Hoore and Jessica rode to a total score of 209.860 which gave him second place.
Isabel Cool and Soulmate Coolhorses are in third place in the overall ranking with a total score of 208.477.
​Also the Diamant Cup Consolation has just been won by Tommie Visser, with Kristal Begijnhoeve the winning score was 71.566%.
Also in the small final we see Rob van Puijennbroek with Kane Begijnhoeve on second place. Today’s score was 70.303%.
Third place was for Nathalie Van Hemelrijck who rode Obama to 69.293%. Dominique D’Hoore – Van der Horst came fourth with Khaleesi V/d Wolfshoeve and scored 68.535%. Fifth place was for Julie Depaepe and Wolfshoeve’s Sammy De Luxe WH (68.485%).
​Diamand Cup, Hat-trick for Tommie Visser also victory in the Freestyle.
It was the first time for Tommie Visser and Quinten Begijnhoeve to compete in the Freestyle. With a slightly adjusted existing Kür to music of Tommie they rode more than enough to win the Kür today. The freestyle of Tommie Visser and Quinten Begijnhoeve was rewarded with a score of 76.215%.
Tommie said earlier this week: “I brought my own freestyle on small tour level, we have to change that a little bit. For the pirouettes I can make a full circle, that has to be done in the test and the changes we have to make a nice line”.
Rob van Puijenbroek and Karma Begijnhoeve, who earlier in the Diamond Cup were already good for two second places, also rode in the final Freestyle to a second place and finished second overall.
Laurence Roos and Kingston finished third overall, her Freestyle today gave her a score of 73.275%.
Jorinde Verwimo and New Barry Z came fourth overall, fifth was Amber Van Den Steen and Handel.
Overall ranking:
Tommie Visser – Quinten Begijnhoeve 223.658
Rob van Puijenbroek – Karma Begijnhoeve – 216,982
Laurence Roos – Kingston – 212,681
Jorinde Verwimp – New Barry Z – 212,053
Amber Van Den Steen – Handel A – 211.552