Charlotte Dujardin: “I’ve never won a couch before!”

The 3* Grand Prix of yesterday evening was filled with highlights. One after another international championship rider rode into the arena and the Grand Prix was full of harmonious rides. Charlotte Dujardin managed to win the 3* Grand Prix with her newest Grand Prix trump card, Alive and Kicking (by All At Once). This class was offered by Henders & Hazel / De Sutter Naturally.

Henders & Hazel had an additional surprise for the winner of this class, as Charlotte Dujardin was allowed to choose a luxury sofa from the Henders & Hazel collection. “I’ve never won a couch before”, she reacts enthusiastically. The choice seemed quickly made. “What a lovely prize, this is really cool,” Charlotte said to chairman Wim Verwimp. “It’s my first time in Lier, but what an amazing show. The stables and facilities for the horses are fantastic, the arena is perfect and there’s a lot of space to train the horses. I definitely come back next year.”

Photo: Digishots