Tommie Visser and Karma Begijnhoeve lead in Small Tour class

The day started with heavy rain today, but that did not bother the winner of the Small Tour class. Tommie Visser sent his Karma Begijnhoeve through the water to victory. With a score of 72.294%, he was one and a half percent ahead of the runner-up.

‘Of course it was pouring down from the sky, during the warming up inside she was already going very well and then I had to go through the water into the ring and she kept going super well. She didn’t care and she just showed a very good test and I could ride super fine. Only in the changes I couldn’t keep her completely straight, I blamed the water but I don’t know if that was the reason,’ laughs Tommie Visser.

Good choice
A while back he took over the reins of Karma Begijnhoeve from Rob van Puijenbroek and he has no intention of swapping back. ‘Once swapped is swapped,’ he laughs. ‘At CDI Lier and The Dutch Masters, Karma was already super successfully and at home I am training her further. But I did feel she could do some more mileage at this level, so that’s why I’m bringing her to the start here now.’ And that proved no wrong choice. In the Belgian Small Tour championships, the combination is leading. ‘I’ll try to do the same again tomorrow in the Inter I as I did today,’ he said.

‘There should be more competitions like this’
The international rider comes to many places and has experienced many competitions. About Lier, Tommie praises. ‘I think this is one of the nicest competitions there is. It is top-notch. OK, last year and the year before it was nice weather, but that’s the only thing out of your control. The atmosphere is top, the arenas are top, the organization does its utmost to make sure everything is top notch. There should be more competitions like this,’ concludes Tommie Visser.

Top three
Domien Michiels finished in second place with Panthero van de Vogelzang, scoring 70.676%, followed by Rob van Puijenbroek with Le Premier Begijnhoeve in third place. The judges rewarded their performance with a score of 70.588%.

1. Tommie Visser and Karma Begijnhoeve with 72.294%
2. Domien Michiels and Panthero van de Vogelzag with 70.676%
3. Rob van Puijenbroek with Le Premier Begijnhoeve with 70.588%
4. Jorinde Verwimp with Vicomte de Reyves with 70.177%
5. Eline Borrey de Conick and Haressel with 69.823%


Photo: Digishots