Sunday’s Clinic: Olympic Para Dressage Rider Kevin van Ham and Olympic Tineke Bartels

Sunday will be spectacular! Besides the Grand Prix Special and Freestyle there will be a clinic with Kevin van Ham and Tineke Bartels.

Kevin is a Belgium Para Dressage rider who competed at the Paralympic Games of Tokyo and the World Championships of Herning, and on top of that he also competes at regular Grand Prix level, WITH THE SAME HORSE. That’s absolutely unique. The well-known Tineke Bartels is a former Olympic rider from the Netherlands.

Some facts about Kevin:

  • He’s a student of the Belgium Olympic rider Jorinde Verwimp
  • He’s riding Para Dressage Grade V and Grand Prix with the same horse
  • He was born without a left forearm
  • He braids his horse himself

Jorinde Verwimp and Kevin went to Doha last week where he won the Freestyle with his horse Eros van ons Heem. “It’s really special to train together with Kevin”, explains Jorinde. “It’s amazing to see how handy he is as a rider and how he takes care of his horses.  He can do everything by himself even by missing his left forearm. And what I like the most is that he’s doing a great job at the regular Grand Prix as well. I think he’s the only Para Dressage rider who has achieved this.”

Be sure you attend CDI Lier on Sunday and don’t miss a thing of the clinic that will be around 14.30 and in between the Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Freestyle. The entree fee on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is 10 euro, tickets will be sold at the entrance. Parking is for free.