CDI Lier 2024: The new date is set!

With captain of Belgium Dressage Events Wim Verwimp, we look back at a very successful week. Wim: “I think everything went really well this week. At the beautiful location of Azelhof we have everything to organize a competition for the Belgian dressage sport at the highest level. I think we’ve succeeded with that again this year.”

Positive respons

“The positive response of the riders during the week was quite overwhelming, but so much fun to hear. They are all happy with the organization, the stables -this is the second year we have permanent stables-, the footings, the prizes, everything. It gives us as an organization a lot of energy to keep on going with this event and to think about how we can do it even better.”

CDI Lier 2024

The date for next year has already been set: from February 27th till March 3rd CDI Lier 2024 will take place again at Azelhof!