First ever international win for Swedish Wynja Eriksdotter Rubin

It’s unbelievable, it’s my first international win so it’s very very special”, sounds a very happy rider afterwards. With her 15-year-old El Diablo (by Zenon), Sweden’s Wynja Eriksdotter Rubin scored 70.735%. This put her ahead of Lana-Pinou Baumgürtel with Zinq Emma FH (by Escolar) and her Swedish companion Amanda Lindholm with Tiramisu (by Tailormade Temptation).

“This horse is just amazing, we had a long journey. He was not ready for like even Junior classes, so it has taken a lot of time and patience. I’ve known all the time that he is really good but now we can show it also in the arena.”

Pinch me moments
“He’s 15 years old, I’ve had him for three years and it’s his third international competition ever. Last year we did our first competition, which was in May and it didn’t go well,” Wynja laughs. “Then I decided we needed to train and get better at training to get better at competitions. So I didn’t compete for a few months. And when I felt ready, I did two national competitions, and they were good. When we went to an international competition again, I was also blown away. Because we scored over 70 percent every day. It was a pinch me moment, just like now winning this class. I don’t know what to say, I’m so proud.”

Swedish friends on stage
Wynja was joined in the awards ceremony by her Swedish friend Amanda Lindholm. “That’s really cool, because Amanda and I trained with the same trainer when we started, when we rode ponies. We follow each other for many years. So it can’t be better.” About CDI Lier, Wynja also has nice words. “It’s so beautiful here. I love the arena and the amazing facilities. I don’t want to go home.”

The first day of CDI Lier is almost over, the youth put their best foot forward today. With wonderful results we look forward to tomorrow.

Results Children, sponsored by Ruitersport Lydia Dehertoghe

  1. Lilli von Helldorff & Tropensonne: (79.982%)
  2. Ava Osing & Darjeeling 14 (77.643%)
  3. Greta Louise Wagner & Fashion Rose (77.607%)

Results Pony’s, sponsored by Ruitersport Lydia Dehertoghe

  1. Sofia Rosenkilde & DSP Cosmo Royale (72.333%)
  2. Feodora von Roeder & Morgensterns Delicius (72.286%)
  3. Sissi van Gijssen & New Star 8 (71.286%)

Results Juniors, sponsored by ClipMyHorse.TV België

  1. Lilly Marie Collin & Famous K FRH (73.373%)
  2. Alix von Borries & Feingefuehl (72.121%)
  3. Anna Peeters & Harlekin (70.202%)

Results Young Riders, sponsored by Stal de Muze / Joris de Brabander

  1. Wynja Eriksdotter Rubin & El Diablo (70.735%)
  2. Lana-Pinou Baumgürtel & Zinq Emma FH (70.588%)
  3. Amanda Lindholm & Tiramisu (70.147%)

Results U25, sponsored by Stal Verwimp

  1. Luca Sophia Collin & Fuhur 6 (72.010%)
  2. Amber van den Steen & Fame (69.951%)
  3. Kimberly Pap & Just A Dream-STRH (69.461%)

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