A free music composition of To The Music for winner of the 3* Grand Prix

This is going to be exciting! To The Music will do live mixing of the freestyle music during the 1*, 3* and 4* Freestyles And.. the winner of the 3* Freestyle gets a freestyle composed by To The Music.

To The Music will award a free music composition to the winner of the 3* Grand Prix. Established in 2005 by brother and sister, Stefan and Barbara, To The Music has solidified its presence as a key player in the world of freestyle dressage music. Based in the Netherlands, we’ve become a sought-after destination for riders looking for distinctive and personalized compositions.

Specializing in crafting unique dressage music experiences, we prioritize authenticity in every note. Our commitment to this authenticity is encapsulated in our tagline, ‘Composed with Pride.’ At To The Music, we adopt a collaborative approach, engaging our clients throughout the entire creative process. By sending regular samples, we ensure that the music resonates with the individuality of each rider. Recognizing the nuanced difference between riding at home and in the arena, we persist with edits until it’s pitch-perfect – all part of our comprehensive service.

Beyond just music, To The Music is dedicated to enhancing your freestyle journey. Join us, and together, let’s craft a soundtrack that seamlessly complements your ride. Authentic tunes tailored to your rhythm.