In dialogue with the media during CDI Lier

Considering the fact that our equestrian society is passing through challenging times, as show organizers, we should be focused on finding the best solutions to make our sports better, as well as improving communication with the audience and media.

During CDI Lier, we had a chance to engage in dialogue with the media. In recent months, dressage has faced waves of criticism, and as we know, no field is perfect, and there are things we can definitely improve. On the other hand, social media and media, in general, sometimes show only one side of the story, which is not helpful in making our sports better. Therefore, the only way for us is to work together and to have respect for each other’s points of view.

Information and education are key, and our goal during CDI Lier was to establish dialogue between show organizers, veterinarians, coaches, riders and the media. This provided an opportunity to get answers to questions that are not often on the surface. We understand that this is only the beginning of the journey, but we truly hope that it was a good first step for the positive development of both our sports and unbiased media coverage. We should acknowledge the negatives but also highlight the positive aspects of our beautiful sports.