Harmony dominates in young horses and ponies in Lier

Besides all the championship classes, the four-, five-, six- and seven-year-old dressage horses also came into the arena today, as well as the four-, five- and six-year-old ponies. Judge Danielle Joosten saw all the combinations in front of her in the arena and was very positive afterwards.

‘We saw a lot of really good young horses,’ enthuses Danielle Joosten, who had the privilege of judging together with Dominique Vanderhorst. ‘The quality was high. Some horses had some tension here and there because of the environment. It’s not a very easy arena either. But the riders all handled that very well.’

Good quality
The quality across the board was very good according to Danielle Joosten. ‘The four-year-olds really stood out.’ The win in this class was for Kevin Laevens and Urianto Van Den Dries (by Escamillo), they received a score of 83.400%. ‘But also the pony kids were very enthusiastic. They rode in the pouring rain with a big smile. It was a long day but it really was a beautiful day. Harmony really prevailed and that is always pleasant judging.’

Second place in the four-year-olds was for Justin Verboomen with Eragon (by Escamillo). They scored 82.000%. Third was Katrien Verreet with Foreign Affair (by Fürstenball)

Kevin Laevens – Urianto van den Dries
BK Lier 2024
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  1. Larissa Pauluis with Neros d’Hathor (by Kheops d’Hathor): 83.400%.
  2. Laura Smet with Gatineau (by Guardian S): 79.800%.
  3. Justin Verboomen with Fragolino (by Fürst Samarant): 78.200%.


  1. Domien Michiels with Sunnyboy van de Kempenhoeve (by Don Deluxe): 83.600%.
  2. Tom Franckx with Sandor Hit van ‘t Steenputtenhof (by Special Agent Amour): 81.000%.
  3. Larissa Pauluis with Fanomen de Malleret (by Toto Junior): 80.600%.

Domien Michiels – Sunnyboy van de Kempenhoeve
BK Lier 2024
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  1. Patricia Mannaerts with Dalton (by Alwin 469): 76.682%
  2. Pieter Foets with Romina v/h Kolisbos (by Glamourdale): 74.990%.
  3. Elodie de Biolley with Maestro V.B. (by Daily Diamond): 73.054%.

Patricia Mannaerts – Dalton
BK Lier 2024
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