Helena Theeuwes undefeated Belgian champion Ponies

A beaming champion, and for good reason she won no less than all parts of the Belgian championships ponies. Helena Theeuwes rode a tight freestyle and scored 75.060%, all judges placed her and her Matteo 5 in the lead.

‘Very nice, I never expected that to become Belgian champion,’ she sounds modest. She has been forming a combination with Matteo 5 for a year and a half now. ‘He is a very brave and he is eight years old. The easiest thing with him is the canter part and I think he can walk very well.’

Good feeling
‘I had a good feeling after the freestyle. I had a very good feeling after riding the other days as well. I hope to keep doing like this and then hopefully go to the European Championships.’ That would be Helene Theeuwes’ first EC. ‘I have been first reserve before, that was with my other pony.’ Asked how Helene Theeuwes liked riding in Lier, she replied, ‘It’s really cool here, I think it are really cool arenas.’

Top 3
Helene Theeuwes got the biggest competition from Alexine Herweyers. She walked off with the silver after scoring 73.480%. Like Helena, Alexine also had two irons in the fire. With the grey LeSch La Perla, Alexine became reserve champion. Bronze went to Féline Verreet-de Booij and her palomino PAV Nikkei. She scored 72.760% in the freestyle.


Photo: Digishots