About BDE

“More nationale and international top dressage competitions.” That is the mission of Belgium Dressage Events. Organizing CDI Lier was the first step and since 2020 the Belgian Championship Award has also been added. With the beautiful location of the Azelhof, Belgium Dressage Events has everything to organize a competition for the Belgian dressage sport at the highest level.

Dressuur CDI Lier

Watch the CDI live

Enjoy our beautiful sport, the five-day event can be followed via a free live stream.


Viersterren dressuur CDI Lier

Isabel Cool schittert in Kür Intermediaire I op CDI Lier

Na alle jeugdproeven vandaag in het Azelhof is het deze avond…
Viersterren dressuur CDI Lier

Fourth place for Laureen Poncelet in Intermediaire I at CDI Lier

The penultimate day of CDI Lier at Azelhof was taken up with…
Viersterren dressuur CDI Lier

Vierde plaats voor Laureen Poncelet in Intermediaire I op CDI Lier

De voorlaatste dag van CDI Lier in het Azelhof werd ingezet met…