CDI Lier 2021 canceled due to stricter corona rules in Belgium

Initially the fifth edition of the CDI Lier 2021 was planned for March 2-7. Unfortunately, the organization Belgium Dressage Events had to cancel the event yesterday due to the tightened rules in Belgium. The organization is looking at a new date in March 2022.

The rules in Belgium are currently getting stricter regarding the fight against the Corona virus. The quarantine rules make it too complex for foreign officials and participants to attend the event. In addition, the Belgian government has also indicated that no classes may be organized for the youth (+13 years). Unfortunately, these were the reasons for the organization to cancel the event.

Organizer Joyce Lebon about the cancellation of the event: “We were looking forward to the fifth edition of CDI Lier. Also, because we were able to organize the BC dressage on September 29 to October 4 at the Azelhof, the event went fairly smoothly despite the corona rules. We initially thought we could do the same for the fifth edition of the CDI Lier. But because we have a lot of foreign visitors (riders and jury members), we have to deal with different and stricter rules. Unfortunately, we had to decide to cancel the event for this. It is unfortunate, but it is the reality of today. We are going to see whether we can organize the fifth edition of CDI Lier in March 2022.”