CDI Lier 2020 program announced

The fourth edition of CDI Lier is just around the corner. From February 26 to March 1, the top of the dressage can be found in Belgian Lier to participate in this highly appreciated competition. Partly due to the fine accommodation and the sporty atmosphere, CDI Lier is not only loved by Belgian dressage riders, but also by riders from neighboring countries.

High level
What CDI Lier makes, according to the participants, a nice event to compete is the fact that different classes are offered. Participants can register with the Children, Ponies, Juniors, Young Riders, U25 and the 4 * Small and Big Tour. Great prizes can be won at all categories where cash prizes can be as high as € 9,000 with a total prize pool of € 40,000.

Inviting program
In addition to the inviting program for the participants, CDI Lier is also particularly attractive for visitors to come and watch. There are several stands from Kingsley Saddles, Rosa Collection, Semper Fi, Jolly Lodger and Lydia DeHertoge where various equestrian items are offered. On February 29 Tineke Bartels gives a clinic where dressage enthusiasts can indulge themselves.

View the full program here.