Clinic with Tineke Bartels during CDI4* Lier

Apart from the great competition program that CDI4 * Lier has to offer from 26 February to 1 March, there is also a clinic with no one less than Tineke Bartels on the program. Tineke’s clinics are not only known for her professional vision, but also for her dose of humor. With the theme “from international pony rider to Grand Prix rider” it promises to be a clinic that both younger and older horse lovers should not miss.

Learn to ride a horse more consciously
The exclusive clinic of Tineke Bartels will take place on Saturday 29 February from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. During this hour, four riders will appear in the track, each of which will deal with a different part of the training of a sport horse for 15 minutes with Tineke. Despite the different levels that are on offer, the red line of the clinic will be how you can learn to ride more consciously as a rider and how a horse learns.

Start at the basics
The clinic will start with a pony rider. Focused on awareness, we look at how better communication can arise between the pony and rider and how you can sit as independently as possible. Then the pony rider is alternated by a Junior rider who is already one step further in the training of the horse. This combination will work on one of the most important steps aimed at top sport, namely the basis of the horse.

On to the higher work
The last half hour of the clinic, Tineke starts working with both a Young Rider rider and a GP / U25 rider. With the Young Rider the focus will be on how you can ride to a better collection and creation. When this is done, work can be done on, for example, riding a work pirouette and apartments. The GP / U25 rider will go a step further into the collection and work towards the piaffe and passage.

In short, a clinic where visitors receive a wealth of information in an hour that is relevant to everyone and indispensable when training a horse.

CDI4 * Lier is a dressage event that you don’t want to miss! Admission is free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Due to the extensive program on Saturdays and Sundays, admission costs 10 euros per person, which is charged at the entrance.