BC title for Laura Luyten

In the Azelhof are various finals of the Belgian Championship scheduled for today. The medals have just been awarded at the YR. Laura Luyten may call herself the Belgian champion for one year. She rode J2l Lamborgini (v. Bravour B) to victory as well as in the final classification.

Today her freestyle to music was rewarded with a total of 76.380 percent, which gave her a big lead over her first competitor Suraya Hendrikx. Hendrikx also finished in second place in the final classification with Dear Friend 2 (by Danone 1) under the saddle. Amber van den Steen (Fame) completed the final classification.

In the Children category, Amber Hennes rode to victory in the final classification. With Allegro vh Trichelhof (v. Apache vh Trichelhof) under the saddle, she rode to a total score of 215,892. She was ahead of Brittany Clabots, who finished in second place with Fluegel (by Weltmeyer II). Xyliana De Rover and G-Star were in third place.

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Source: Equnews
Photos : Pegasus