Platina, Briljant and Diamant Cup provide beautiful podiums

This week during the Belgian Championships in Lier three different cups were held: the Platina Cup (Inter I & II), Briljant Cup (Small Tour) and the Diamant Cup (level 4). Today the freestyle finals took place and this resulted in beautiful podiums.

In the Platina Cup it was Nick van de Laer who came out as the overall winner. He won the competition with his Jack Daniels N (v. Apache) and was allowed to enter the highest step of the podium. Nick after his victory: “Everything went better than expected during this competition. I’ve only been working with Jack Daniels at this level for a very short time and we debated for quite a long time whether or not we should enter him for the Platina cup. At the last minute we decided to do it anyway and it worked out well. Our freestyle was also made quite last minute and that test was therefore still a bit unfamiliar, but it felt good. I am very happy with this result and with the feeling that Jack Daniels gives me.” Isabel Cool and Herr Charmeur Coolhorses won the silver medal and Katrien Verreet and Oblix van de Kempenhoeve took the bronze.

Nothing but wins for Domien Michiels
Domien Michiels and his beautiful gray stallion Panthero van de Vogelzang (v. Belantis) were in good shape in this competition. In the Briljant Cup they convincingly won all three tests and Domien therefore received the gold medal today. Claudia Dorpmans and Bravo Benico won the silver and Eline Borrey De Coninck took the bronze with her Dollar.

Exciting Diamant Cup
In the Diamant Cup, the top 3 riders were able to put each other to the test until the very end. It was Saidja Brison who came out as the winner of the ranking: today she won the freestyle with her Ladykiller (v. Glamourdale) and she also took the gold medal. She was closely followed by Jorinde Verwimp and Rose Belle, who finished second in this competition. The bronze medal went to Yasmine Es-Salehy and VRDS Nea’s Donna Qizara.