First place for Thalia Rockx at the Young Riders Freestyle

Thalia Rockx receives the first prize in the Young Riders Freestyles. She managed to achieve a great score of 75.125% with her Gerda Nova (by. Romanov). The pair made a big impression in the artistic part and the canter changes.

Rockx is so ahead of the Belgian rider Laura Luyten who managed to ride to a nice second place with a score of 73.083%. She counted on her J2l Lamborghini (by Bon Bravour). For Fabienne Jongen there is the third place with Botticelli (by Obelisk) after a score of 72.917%.

The fourth place is taken by Anna Guseynova and Lauda, followed by a fifth place from Sophie Reef with Rue Noblesse.

Suraya Hendrikx sent her Dear Friend 2 to sixth place with a score of 70.792%.

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Source: Equnews
Picture: Digishots