Daily Report Sunday March 6th CDI Lier

Karoline Rohman also wins the Small Tour Freestyle
The final Freestyle to Music in the Small Tour was won by Danish rider Karoline Rohman and Aagaardens Lianne, the winning score was 76.765%.
With a small difference to the number one with a score of 76.005% there was a second place for Geert jan Raateland and Iwan.
Third place also went to the Netherlands, Danielle Heijkoop and Jupiter rode the Freestyle to 74.680%.
The best Belgian combination was Isabel Cool and Herr Charmeur Coolhorses, who rode to a fine score of 74.205%.
Charlotte Fry and Glamourdale win the CDI4* Grand Prix Special ||
A strong field of competitors came to the start during the Grand Prix Special in Lier this afternoon.
The Grand Prix Special was won by Charlotte Fry and Glamourdale with a score of 78.681%.
Juliette Ramel and Buriel K.H., winner of the CDI4* Grand Prix, rode today’s Special to 76.468%, which was good for second place.
Juliette: “I am very pleased with how it went here, we have had quite a long winter break so it’s always a matter of waiting to see how a first major competition will turn out. The event was very good, nice to ride but also the organization has done well. I certainly hope to come back here next year.”
Dorothee Schneider and First Romance 2 are back in third place, today’s score came to 74.362%.
Belgian rider Alexa Fairchild and Dabanos D’04 rode in the Grand Prix Special to a score of 69.340%.
Marieke Van der Putten wins closing CDI4* Grand Prix Freestyle.
The final class of the CDI Lier 2022 was won by Marieke van der Putten this afternoon, the Dutch rider rode Torveslettens Titanium to 75.630% in the CDI4* Grand Prix Freestyle.
Richart Davison, representing England, rode Bubbelingh in the Freestyle to a score of 75.285% which put him in second place.
The best Belgian combination in the Freestyle was in third place, scoring 74.840% with Flambeau.
Andres Timpe (GER), who competed in several classes during the CDI, came fourth today with Don Darwin. Fifth was Kazuki Sado (JPN) with Barolo who scored 73.380%. Sixth was Britta Rasche-Merkt with Xerez who scored 73.305% in the Freestyle. The top six riders were ready for the last prize giving ceremony of the CDI Lier.

Daily Report Saturday March 5th CDI Lier

Karoline Rohman (DEN) wins CDI3* Small Tour Intermediate I
This morning Danish rider Karoline Rohman and Aagaardens Lianne captured victory in the Small Tour Intermediate I, her score was 72.206% which was slightly higher than yesterday’s score in the Prix St-George where she came second.
“It was Aagaardens Lianne first ever International competition, she has only ridden the Intermediate test twice”.
Danielle Heijkoop and Jupiter (NED) rode a score of 71.500% in the Intermediate I today, which earned her second place.
The best Belgian rider today in the Intermediate I was Isabel Cool she rode Herr Charmeur Coolhorses to a nice third place with a score of 69.706%. Fellow countrywoman Jorinde Verwimp and Just a Little Bit Krack VH Klaverhof came fifth with a score of 69.412%.
Tomorrow morning at 08.30 hours the final Freestyle is on the program. The public is welcome during the CDI4* Lier, tickets for the event are for sale at the entrance.
Fabienne Müller – Lütkemeier and De Lavega also win the Intermediate B
The Medium Tour the Intermediate B was ridden today, after an earlier win in the Intermediate A there was also victory today for the German rider Fabielle Müller-Lütkemeier. With De Lavega the rider rode to a score of 70.919%.
Andrea Timpe and Don Carismo 2 rode to second place with a score of 69.622%.
Laurens Vanderbeeken debuting internationally this week with Gamin Van Het T Waterhof rode to third place today with a score of 66.243%.
Warren Mclean representing Australia and Jack 483 rode to fourth place with a score of 66.081%.
The Freestyle for the Medium tour is on the program tomorrow at 11.30 am. The CDI4* Lier is open to the public, tickets for the event can be obtained at the entrance of the indoor arena.
CDI4* Lier Grand Prix victory for Juliette Ramel and Buriel K.H.
No less than 22 combinations came to the start this afternoon during the CDI4* Grand Prix in Lier.
Juliette Ramel and Buriel K.H. (SWE) rode in Lier this afternoon under the eye of a packed arena to victory, 75.935% was the winning score today.
Julliette: “It’s fantastic to start here, the whole organization has done a great job but also the location is fantastic and very nice to ride here. This is Burry’s first competition after the European Championships where we started. He had a very long winter break. Iwas also super happy with how we were able to ride the Grand Prix here today. We are looking forward to the Freestyle tomorrow”.
Second place went to Dorothee Sneider(GER) and First Romance 2 her score came to 74.761%. Charlotte Fry (GBR) and Glamourdale came third with a score of 74.391%.
The best Belgian combination at today’s CDI4* Grand Prix is Laurissa Paulis with Flambeau. Her score was 71.978%, which was good for fifth place.
Fabienne Müller-Luktemeier also wins the CDI3* Grand Prix Special
After last Friday’s win in the CDI3* Grand Prix, there was another victory today, today in the CDI3* Grand Prix Special. Fabienne Müller-Lutkemeier and Valencia AS rode in the Grand Prix Special to a score of 77.234%.
The rider from New Zealand Melissa Galloway and Windermere J’Obei W rode to 72.085% in the special which gave her second place today.
Lynne Maas (NED) and Eastpoint rode to a score of 70.021% and that meant a fine third place in the Grand Prix Special.
The best Belgian combination today was Alexa Fairchild, with Romy she rode to a score of 66.957% what was good for a ninth place.

Achter de schermen bij CDI Lier met Wim Verwimp van Belgium Dressage Events

Een mooi artikel met Wim Verwimp over het CDI4* Lier in Puissance magazine, een blik achter de schermen van het CDI4* Lier. Klik op de onderstaande link om het artikel te lezen. Dank Puissance voor dit fijne interview en artikel.

Bekijk hier het gehele artikel.

Daily Report Friday March 4th CDI Lier

Danielle Heijkoop and Jupiter win the CDI3* Small Tour Prix St-George.

The victory in the Prix St-George at the CDI Lier today was won by Danielle Heijkoop, with Jupiler she rode to a winning score of 73.029%.

Danielle: “This is only our second international show, I know he can do it and has the quality. We rode quite early in the program so you have to wait and see what the other combinations show. Later today I will compete with Damirez in the Grand Prix which is our international debut. The CDI Lier has started well for us here”.

Danish rider Karoline Rohmann and Aagaardens Lianne rode to second place today with a score of 72.059%. Marieke van der Putten and Amphityron RS2 came third today with a score of 71.441%, followed by Elisabeth geluk and Hamilton this combination rode to 71.265% which was good for fourth place.

The best Belgian combination we find back on place six, the rider Naomi Nouwen and Frevo rode to 70.382%.



Fabienne Müller-Lütkemeier and De Lavega win the CDI3* Medium Tour Intermediate A

The Intermediate A was just won by German Amazon Fabienne Müller-Lüktemeier with De Lavega the winning score today came to 70.529%.

Belgian combination Laurens Vanderbeeken and Gamin van het Waterhof rode to second place with a fine score of 69.647%.

Andrea Timpe and Don Carismo 2 rode to third place in the Intermediate A with a score of 69.000%.



Fabienne Müller Lütkemeier also wins CDI3* Big Tour Grand Prix in Lier

After winning the Intermediate A earlier in the day, tonight there was victory in the CDI3* Grand Prix for German rider Fabienne Müller Lütkemeier. With the mare Valencia AS her score tonight was 75.804%.

Lyndal Oatley from Australia came second with Eros and scored 73.370%.

Lynne Maas (NL) and Eastpoint rode very strong to third place in the CDI3* Grand Prix 71.780% was the score of her test.

The best Belgian combination tonight was Larissa Pauluis, with First – Step Valentin she came to a score of 70.044% and that was good for sixth place today.

In total there were 28 combinations at the start tonight, the full results can be seen via the link below






Daily Report Thursday March 3th CDI Lier

Sophie van Norel and Itrina win the final Individual test Children during the CDI4* Lier.

The first section of the individual test for the Children on the final day of the youth classes has just been won by Sophie van Norel, she rode Itrina to 74.283%. After two second places, today they won the Children class.

A complete Dutch podium today, Sophie van Iwaarden and Hermes Mithras came second with a score of 74.005%. Hansje Boudewijn and Bo came third today with a great score of 73.690%.

Amber Hennes and Allegro V/H Trichelhof came fourth today with a score of 72.769%. Elise Verwimp and Boemerang came sixth today with a score of 71.176%.


Hat-trick for Rose Oatley and Daddy Moon CDI4* Lier.

The final Freestyle for the Ponies was also won by Rose Oatley and Daddy Moon, 82.750% was her score and that makes the first hat-trick at the CDI4* Lier a fact. Later in the day we will see Rose Oatley in the final Freestyle of the Juniors.

Fellow rider from Germany Lilly Marie Colin and Cosmo Callidus NRW rode to a score of 75.700% in the Freestyle.

The best Belgian combination came in third: Liezel Everars and FS Capelli De Niro scored 75.333% in the final Freestyle.


Second hat-trick for Rose Oatley at CDI4* Lier

Also the final Freestyle of the Juniors was won by Rose Oatley with Rock Revolution who rode the cheerful music of Lional Richie to a score of 77.308%. This means another hat-trick for this young

Rose: “I am really super satisfied with how the competition went, my goal was to ride nice and with a good feeling and we succeeded, that we won all the tests was just beautiful. Very happy also with Rocky how he performed here”. successful German rider.

Anna Leandra Timm and Foxfire 2, also from Germany, scored 75.300% today, which was good for second place.

Danish rider Sophia Boje Obel Jorgensen and Briljant ended the CDI4* Lier with a third place in the Freestyle with a score of 75.092%.

Dutch riders Rowena Weggelaar with Don Quichot and Micky Schelstraete with Gregwaard both rode to a score of 73.825% and ended up in fourth place ex aequo.

The only Belgian combination in the Junior Freestyle, Lana de Caluwe and Elfenfranke, ended the event with 69.895%.



CDI4* Lier Amber van den Steen wins the final Freestyle for Young Riders

After two second places for the Young Riders at the CDI4* Lier, Belgian Champion Amber van den Steen took the win in the Freestyle tonight. Her freestyle score was 77.225%.

Amber: “Today we rode our new Freestyle with a high level of difficulty. In the training it went very well so I was looking forward to ride my Freestyle. The last few days I was just second behind the German rider Jana Lang but we were always close to her in terms of points. That it went so well today is of course fantastic, there was actually only one small hiccup in the Freestyle”.

Second place went to Jana Lang and Baron, the winner of the previous tests was rewarded with a score of 76.300% in the final Freestyle.

Dutch rider Brandy Bos and Florett W came third with a score of 74.633%.



Yazmin Yom Tov and Hexagon’s Grandville win the U25 Grand Prix Freestyle.

During the CDI4* Lier tonight the final Freestyle was ridden in the U25 class. The victory tonight was for Jazmin Yom Tov (HUN) and Hexagon’s Grandville the winning score of tonight was 73.500%.

After a second place in yesterday’s GP U25, today there was also a nice second place for Corinda Luttjeboer (NL) and Cirano 69.820% was today’s score.

A well-deserved third place was for Laura de Graeve and Charlie her score in the Freestyle came to 72.080%.

Alexa Westendarp and Four Seasons FRH ended up with a score of 70.395% after two first places earlier today, which meant sixth place today.



RTV: Azelhof ziet investeringen beloond met organisatie 4-sterrenwedstrijd

RTV heeft een leuk artikel over CDI Lier op hun website geplaatst:

In het Azelhof in Lier wordt deze week een internationale drie en vier sterren dressuurwedstrijd gereden. En dat is best uniek. In België zijn 4-sterren-evenementen zeldzaam, en de combinatie met een 3-sterren-wedstrijd is al helemaal uitzonderlijk. Dat er een wedstrijd op zo’n grote schaal georganiseerd kan worden, is allemaal dankzij de investeringen die het Azelhof gedaan heeft.



Bekijk het volledige bericht 

Daily Report Wednesday March 2nd CDI Lier

Rose Oatley and Rock Revolution (GER) also win the Individual Test for Juniors.

A third victory for Rose Oatley at the CDI4* Lier, after previously winning the Team Test with the Ponies and the Juniors, today she won the Individual Test with the Juniors. With Rock Revolution she scored 74.118%.

Second place was for Rowena Weggelaar and Don Quishot (NL) today’s score was 71.961%. Rowena: “This is my second international competition with Don Quishot, I’ve ridden him since the end of November. After yesterday’s sixth place, which I was very happy with, and my last B score, today’s second place was really great. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I can ride my Freestyle which I’m really looking forward to”.

Third place today was for Anna Leandra Timm with Foxfire2 (GER). Her score was 71.618%.



Lana de Caluwe and Elfenranke were the best Belgian combination today (67.255%). Laura “I was very pleased with my test today. Elfenranke was actually bought as a recreational horse for my mother and now I ride her nationally and internationally”.

Amber Hennes and Alegro v/h Trichelhof win Team Test Children.

The second part of the Team Test for the Children has just been won by Amber Hennes, the Belgian Champion Children 2021 Alegro v/h Trichelhof to a score of 75.250%. Second place today was for Sophie van Norel and Itrina, the combination was rewarded with a score of 73.450%. Sophie van Iwaarden and Hermes Mithras, yesterday’s winner, came third today with a score of 72.500%.



Rose Oatley and Daddy Moon(GER) also win the Individual Test at the Ponies.

77.117% was the winning score of Rose Oatley and Daddy Moon today during the Individual Test at the Ponies. This is her fourth victory at the CDI4* Lier.

Liezel Everars and FS Capelli De Niro rode to second place today, her score for the Individual Test came to 73.288%. This made her the best Belgian combination.

In third place we see Lilly Marie Colling with Cosmo Callidus NRW she rode to a score of 72.162%.

Tomorrow from 11.30 hours is the final class the Freestyle to Music.


Jana Lang also wins the Individual with Young Riders at the CDI4* Lier

At the end of last year Jana Lang switched to the Young Riders with Baron after having been very successful in the Juniors level. The success continues after winning the Team Test in the Youngriders level. Tonight she won the Individual Test. The score today was 76.226%.

Belgian Champion 2021 Amber van der Steen and Fame came second in the rankings today as well. With 74.020% they scored higher than in the Team Test.

British rider Sophie Taylor rode Jerrydale to third place today, the combination was rewarded with a score of 70.882%. Brand Bos (NED) and Florett W also rode to a score above 70% today, 70.147% which was good for fourth place.


Alexa Westendarp again to victory in the U25 level at the CDI4* Lier.

The U25 Grand Prix class was won again today by German Amazon Alexa Westendarp with Four Seasons FRH she achieved a score of 71.923%. This makes her the third German rider to win two classes at the CDI4* Lier.

Corinda Luttjeboer and Cirano recovered today with a great second place and a score of 69.820%.

Jazmin Yom Tov and Hexagon’s Grandville reached a nice third place today with a score of 69.410%. With For Joy 37 she also competed today and she also earned a nice top 10 ranking, 67.513% which was good for the eighth place.

The best Belgian rider today was Laura De Graeve with Charlie who came seventh (67.795%).