Daily Report Wednesday March 2nd CDI Lier

Rose Oatley and Rock Revolution (GER) also win the Individual Test for Juniors.

A third victory for Rose Oatley at the CDI4* Lier, after previously winning the Team Test with the Ponies and the Juniors, today she won the Individual Test with the Juniors. With Rock Revolution she scored 74.118%.

Second place was for Rowena Weggelaar and Don Quishot (NL) today’s score was 71.961%. Rowena: “This is my second international competition with Don Quishot, I’ve ridden him since the end of November. After yesterday’s sixth place, which I was very happy with, and my last B score, today’s second place was really great. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I can ride my Freestyle which I’m really looking forward to”.

Third place today was for Anna Leandra Timm with Foxfire2 (GER). Her score was 71.618%.



Lana de Caluwe and Elfenranke were the best Belgian combination today (67.255%). Laura “I was very pleased with my test today. Elfenranke was actually bought as a recreational horse for my mother and now I ride her nationally and internationally”.

Amber Hennes and Alegro v/h Trichelhof win Team Test Children.

The second part of the Team Test for the Children has just been won by Amber Hennes, the Belgian Champion Children 2021 Alegro v/h Trichelhof to a score of 75.250%. Second place today was for Sophie van Norel and Itrina, the combination was rewarded with a score of 73.450%. Sophie van Iwaarden and Hermes Mithras, yesterday’s winner, came third today with a score of 72.500%.



Rose Oatley and Daddy Moon(GER) also win the Individual Test at the Ponies.

77.117% was the winning score of Rose Oatley and Daddy Moon today during the Individual Test at the Ponies. This is her fourth victory at the CDI4* Lier.

Liezel Everars and FS Capelli De Niro rode to second place today, her score for the Individual Test came to 73.288%. This made her the best Belgian combination.

In third place we see Lilly Marie Colling with Cosmo Callidus NRW she rode to a score of 72.162%.

Tomorrow from 11.30 hours is the final class the Freestyle to Music.


Jana Lang also wins the Individual with Young Riders at the CDI4* Lier

At the end of last year Jana Lang switched to the Young Riders with Baron after having been very successful in the Juniors level. The success continues after winning the Team Test in the Youngriders level. Tonight she won the Individual Test. The score today was 76.226%.

Belgian Champion 2021 Amber van der Steen and Fame came second in the rankings today as well. With 74.020% they scored higher than in the Team Test.

British rider Sophie Taylor rode Jerrydale to third place today, the combination was rewarded with a score of 70.882%. Brand Bos (NED) and Florett W also rode to a score above 70% today, 70.147% which was good for fourth place.


Alexa Westendarp again to victory in the U25 level at the CDI4* Lier.

The U25 Grand Prix class was won again today by German Amazon Alexa Westendarp with Four Seasons FRH she achieved a score of 71.923%. This makes her the third German rider to win two classes at the CDI4* Lier.

Corinda Luttjeboer and Cirano recovered today with a great second place and a score of 69.820%.

Jazmin Yom Tov and Hexagon’s Grandville reached a nice third place today with a score of 69.410%. With For Joy 37 she also competed today and she also earned a nice top 10 ranking, 67.513% which was good for the eighth place.

The best Belgian rider today was Laura De Graeve with Charlie who came seventh (67.795%).