Double top 3 ranking for Larissa Pauluis in BC Big Tour

Larissa Pauluis had a very successful evening in Lier. During the second part of the Belgian Big Tour Championship she won with Flambeau (73.362%) and with her second trump First-Step Valentin she achieved a nice third place (71.192%) in the Grand Prix Special.

“I feel like yesterday was one of the best Grand Prix tests I’ve done with Flambeau so far. Today Flambeau was a bit sharper and that made it more difficult to get through the test without mistakes. It’s a shame about the (big) mistakes that crept in, but I’m still happy with him. The scores are going up and he is developing better and better, especially in the last few months he has made a lot of progress. I think I need another year with him and then I will have him 100% ready the way I want it to be, and then he will really be a top Grand Prix horse.”

Second asset
Pauluis has a very nice second trump card in the Heavy Tour with her First-Step Valentin. “Valentine’s test today was already a lot better than yesterday. He has shown his enormous qualities so far mainly at home in training, but the tests are also getting better. He also needs some time to develop and to get more focus, which is not always easy for him as a stallion. But I feel that he is also a promise for the future.”

Third place in the Grand Prix Special today went to Amandine Prevost and her Quaterdance, this combination achieved a score of 71.915%. Tomorrow the Big Tour riders have a rest day, on Sunday they determine the podium places of the overall Belgian Championship with the Freestyle to music.