Amazing CDI Lier ending with winner Anne Meulendijks

The judges opinions differed greatly in the Grand Prix Freestyle in Lier. With 76,445% Anne Meulendijks won the victory with a big lead over compatriot, Diederik van Silfhout.

Together with MDH Avanti NOP, Meulendijks did a nice test where she got an eight for the pirouettes and extended canter. The coordination with the music and balance between horse and rider gave the decisive factor for a winning score. Belgian judges Jacques Van Daele and Freddy Leyman placed the pair at the first spot.

Diederik van Silfhout took second place in the saddle of Expression NOP. A constant test with nicely executed pirouette yielded 75.550%. Ulrike Prunthaller ended third with Bartlgut’s Quebec. The duo gave a restless impression on the extended step, resulting in a final score of 75.050%.

For her own audience, Jorinde Verwimp scored sixth place with Cape Town with 72.33%.

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Nicolas Wagner has won a convincing victory in the Grand Prix Special

Nicolas Wagner has won a convincing victory in the Grand Prix Special today. With his horse Quater Back Junior he scored over 75%. The jury unanimously agreed that this combination had to win.

Fanny Verliefden and her Indoctro van de Steenblok gained a nice second place with a score of 72.638%. The half-passes to the right good be better according to the judges. The top five also includes Simon Missiaen with Charlie, Michelle Hagman meets Chagall H and Emma Hindle meets Romy del Sol.

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Kristine Moller wins Small Tour with 0,4% difference

The last day of CDI Lier started this morning with the freestyle for the Light Tour combinations. Kristine Moller and the Trakehner Standing O’Vation TSF won the test with barely half a percent ahead of audience favorite Jorinde Verwimp. Verwimp missed with Kastar Hof ter Zeedycke D’12 the victory with 0,4%.

The battle in the freestyle went between Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. The victory went to Kristine Moller with the two-time World Cup finalist Standing O’Vation TSF. The daughter of Imperio got multiple eights for the extended trot, but also the flying changes scored high accourding to the judges. The beautiful freestyle was good for a score of 76.785%.

Jorinde Verwimp got 0.4% less for her freestyle with her Kastar Hof ter Zeedycke D’12. For the extended walk the Belgian got high points but also for the half passes. Verwimp amounted to 76,310%. Andrea Timpe ended third place on Don Carismo with 75.525%.

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Charlotte Fry wins U25 Freestyle with stallion Everdale

Charlotte Fry had her international debut in the U25 class with the KWPN stallion Everdale in Lier. Unanimously, the pair was placed in the lead with 75.260%. Thalia Rockx was second with her Verdi de la Fazenda, just like in the Grand Prix.

Also Fry her freestyle with Everdale went well. The stallion again impressed with his great passage that resulted in 8-th. The total came to 75.260% and the five judges had the couple unanimously in the lead.

Behind Fry, Thalia Rockx had to settle for second place. In the piaffe-passage the duo came a bit too short. The five judges were also unanimous in their opinion, a second place with 72.210%. Just before that, Rockx had already won the Young Riders Freestyle with Gerda Nova de la Fazenda.

The Belgian Alexa Fairchild was third with her Romy with 68.095% score.

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First place for Thalia Rockx at the Young Riders Freestyle

Thalia Rockx receives the first prize in the Young Riders Freestyles. She managed to achieve a great score of 75.125% with her Gerda Nova (by. Romanov). The pair made a big impression in the artistic part and the canter changes.

Rockx is so ahead of the Belgian rider Laura Luyten who managed to ride to a nice second place with a score of 73.083%. She counted on her J2l Lamborghini (by Bon Bravour). For Fabienne Jongen there is the third place with Botticelli (by Obelisk) after a score of 72.917%.

The fourth place is taken by Anna Guseynova and Lauda, followed by a fifth place from Sophie Reef with Rue Noblesse.

Suraya Hendrikx sent her Dear Friend 2 to sixth place with a score of 70.792%.

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Lucie-Anouk Baumguertel and Zinq Sweetheart FH first place at Juniors Freestyle

The win in the juniors was for Lucie-Anouk Baumguertel with Zinq Sweetheart FH .

In the team and individual test, the duo got twice the second place in the past few days, but with 75.708% in the freestyle they were the best by far. Katelijne Maes and Ibou van de Kapelhoef followed a second place with a score of 73.417%.

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Shona Brenner wins CDI Ponies freestyle

The German Shona Benner claimed the victory in the freestyle at the pony’s with a score of 78.958%. With 77,250% the Dutch Micky Schelstraete followed with Elin’s Noncisdador in second place.

Benner won the Freestyle with Der Kleine Sunnyboy WE and took her third victory in a row. Schelstraete followed in second place with a lot of eights on her protocol. The third place was for Johanna Kullmann with Champ of Class. The German rider received 76,917% for her freestyle with the pony, which was in his earlier years also successful with Lisanne Zoutendijk and Sanne Vos.

Lara van Nek ended with Baumann’s Despino in fifth place. The rider, who also finished three times in the Children, reached 73.500%. With that she was allowed to compete for the award ceremony behind Antonia Busch-Kuffner, who got 76.183% with Daily Pleasure WE and was fourth.

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Close results for Wienkamp and Verwimp in Intermediate I

Jorinde Verwimp gained a second place in the Intermediate I with her Kastar Hof ter Zeedycke D’12 who was the Belgium champion of the seven years old in 2017.

Verwimp rode the nine-year-old BWP-bred son of Game-Boy D’10 to the second place with a score of 71,324%. Which was a close call on the total score of 71.471% of the winning German combination Ann-Christin Wienkamp and Nymphenburg’s First Choice (Fidertanz). Third place went to the German Andrea Timpe and Don Carismo 2 (Don Crusador). They scored 70.676%.

The fourth place went to Belgium again. Thibault Vandenberghe and Santiago Song (Sir Donnerhall I) accounted for a score of 70.529.

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Nicolas Wagner wins the ClipMyHorse CDI4* Grand Prix

Nicolas Wagner wins with his Quarter Back Junior the CDI4* Grand Prix with 72,848%. The start of his test wasn’t the best. But the combination recovered strong what was good enough for a first place.

Judge Maria Colliander was crazy about Anne Meulendijks performance. But in the end Meulendijks had to take second place with MDH Avanti NOP with a score of 72.609%. Meulendijks rode a constant test with strong canter. The passage was also done nicely.

Diederik van Silfhout followed in third place with Expression NOP. Van Silfhout scored even with a few mistakes at the end of his test a total score of 71.435%.

Fanny Verliefden scored a total of 70,935 with Indoctro vd Steenblok and was placed first by the two judges Jo Graham and Jacques van Daele. But with her total score she ended a fifth place.

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Charlotte Fry wins U25 with Everdale, Alexa Fairchild ends up third

The British Charlotte Fry wins the U25 with her Everdale (by Lord Leatherdale) with a score of 71.436%. The second place was for Thalia Rockx from the Netherlands who scored a score of 68.128% with her horse Verdi De La Fazenda (by Florett As) The top three is closed by Alexa Fairchild and her Romy (by Rousseau). The jury gave them a total of 64.538%.

Fourth is the Dutch Lisanne Zoutendijk. Together with her Kostendrukkers Watteau (by Broere Jazz) she got a score of 64.385%. British Ellen McCarthy ended up fifth place with her horse Belafonte (by Belissimo M). The combination received a score of 63.487%.

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