Daily Report Wednesday May 4th BC Lier

​Tommie Visser wins the first part Diamond Cup in Lier.
The Diamond Cup, the first class which was held today in Lier, was won by Tommie Visser who rode Quinten Begijnhoeve (only 6 years old) to a score of 73.625%.
Rob van Puijenbroek came second with Karma Begijnhoeve and scored 71.219%. Amber van der Steen and Handel A scored 70.750%, which was good for third place.
Tommie Visser was also placed fourth with his 7 year old mare Kristal Begijnhoeve (70.250%).
Tommie Visser “I actually only signed up one and a half week ago. Both my horses are still very young, 6 and 7 years old. This is a very nice multi-day competition for them where they can gain a lot of experience. With Quinten I did a multi-day competition once before last year, that was during the World Championships. For Kristal this is the very first time on a big multi-day event. They both did very well”.
​Jorinde Verwimp wins first part Briljant Cup in Lier.
No less than 19 combinations came to the start today during the first part of the Briljant Cup. The victory of the first part of the Briljant Cup went to Jorinde Verwimp, she rode River Rise Benneton to a score of 70.121%. We see Jorinde at the start several times during the BK, earlier today there was already a sixth place for her during the Diamond Cup.
Priscilla de Jong came second with First Time D’Echallens and scored 69,818%.
Isabel Cool rode Soulmate Coolhorses to third place with a score of 68.864%. Fourth place went to Tom Francks and Bonhiver HTC (68.849%). And the fifth place went to Tom Heylen and Obi wan H (68.485%).
​Laurens Vanderbeeken and Gamin van het Waterhof win the Platinum Cup – Intermediate A in Lier.
The last class of today, the Platinum Cup at Internediate A level, has just been won by Laurens Vanderbeeken. Laurens and Gamin Van het Waterhof rode to a score of 69.383%. Isn’t that a wonderful birthday present? Congratulations Laurens!
Again a second place today for Priscilla De Jong with Vork’s Jackson her score in the Platinum Cup came to 68.941%. Cathy Van Leeuw and Donnerfunke rode to third place her score came to 68.676%. Kara Bosman and Fiderprincess rode to fourth place (68.647%) and on fifth place we see back Dominique D’Hoore-Van der Horst and Ecxel (67.471%).