Lauranne Lammens wins first section of U25 championship with Hilcara van het Vijverbos

It is her fourth year in the U25 and she has been a combination with Hilcara van het Vijverbos for 12 years. ‘I am 24 and Hilcara has been in my life for half my life, I am very proud of her’, is the first reaction of winner Lauranne Lammens. Her test was judged with a score of 70.441%, good for first place in the U25 championship, presented by MAX Amaze.

‘I absolutely did not expect this, I am very happy with Hilli. I was hoping to put down positive results, but I know the others are also very strong. So I’m really very happy with this’, said Lauranne Lammens.

Seventeen years old and still top fit
Seventeen-year-old Hilcara has gone through all classes with Lauranne. ‘I was hoping for the Juniors when I started with her, and now we have been riding U25 for four years. She has really exceeded our expectations. She is top fit and still surprises us, so I am very happy to be able to do this with her.’ In terms of preparation, Lauranne took it easy. ‘We try not to burden her unnecessarily, so she keeps enjoying it herself but with a certain regularity’, she said.

‘Without them it wouldn’t have worked out’
The scores were close, with the first five combinations sitting less than one and a half percent apart. How is Lauranne looking at the next few days? ‘We will try to ride our own tests and get through them clear. Happy horse, happy rider. And of course I want to make the breeder Guido Vanhumbeeck and my trainer Philippe Jorissen proud. They came to support and without them it wouldn’t have worked out either.’

Top 3 U25 – MAX Amaze
1. Lauranne Lammens and Hilcara van het Vijverbos (by Don Renoir): 70.441%
2. Sophie Jamar and De Maisiere (by Don Romantic): 69.529%
3. Laura Luyten and J2L Lamborghini (by Bravour B): 69.353%

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Photo: Digishots