Joli Lodger also sponsor of CDI4 * Lier

CDI4 * Lier is made possible by a number of great sponsors. One of these sponsors is Joli Lodger. This is a company that helps its customers find the perfect holiday home or mobile home. The organization of CDI4 * Lier is therefore pleased that this sponsor is also committed to making the event a success from 26 February to 1 March.

Joli Lodger
The Belgian company specializes in the import and sale of mobile homes and holiday homes. What is unique about Joli Lodger is that they do not focus on a specific price segment, but really want to find something suitable for everyone’s budget. Whether this is a cottage by the sea, in the mountains or more central, Joli Lodger has the appropriate solution.

Total package
Not only is it possible to purchase a holiday home or mobile home at Joli Lodger, the team also helps if a customer is looking for a spot for their new caravan, for example. It is even possible to have the transport from the mobile home to the possibly new pitch carried out via the company. In this way, their customers receive a true total package and are not thrown in at the deepest moment when they purchase a holiday home or mobile home.

CDI4 * Lier is a dressage event that you don’t want to miss! Admission is free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Due to the extensive program on Saturdays and Sundays, admission costs 10 euros per person, which is charged at the entrance.