Harmony dominates in young horses and ponies in Lier

Besides all the championship classes, the four-, five-, six- and seven-year-old dressage horses also came into the arena today, as well as the four-, five- and six-year-old ponies. Judge Danielle Joosten saw all the combinations in front of her in the arena and was very positive afterwards.

‘We saw a lot of really good young horses,’ enthuses Danielle Joosten, who had the privilege of judging together with Dominique Vanderhorst. ‘The quality was high. Some horses had some tension here and there because of the environment. It’s not a very easy arena either. But the riders all handled that very well.’

Good quality
The quality across the board was very good according to Danielle Joosten. ‘The four-year-olds really stood out.’ The win in this class was for Kevin Laevens and Urianto Van Den Dries (by Escamillo), they received a score of 83.400%. ‘But also the pony kids were very enthusiastic. They rode in the pouring rain with a big smile. It was a long day but it really was a beautiful day. Harmony really prevailed and that is always pleasant judging.’

Second place in the four-year-olds was for Justin Verboomen with Eragon (by Escamillo). They scored 82.000%. Third was Katrien Verreet with Foreign Affair (by Fürstenball)

Kevin Laevens – Urianto van den Dries
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  1. Larissa Pauluis with Neros d’Hathor (by Kheops d’Hathor): 83.400%.
  2. Laura Smet with Gatineau (by Guardian S): 79.800%.
  3. Justin Verboomen with Fragolino (by Fürst Samarant): 78.200%.


  1. Domien Michiels with Sunnyboy van de Kempenhoeve (by Don Deluxe): 83.600%.
  2. Tom Franckx with Sandor Hit van ‘t Steenputtenhof (by Special Agent Amour): 81.000%.
  3. Larissa Pauluis with Fanomen de Malleret (by Toto Junior): 80.600%.

Domien Michiels – Sunnyboy van de Kempenhoeve
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  1. Patricia Mannaerts with Dalton (by Alwin 469): 76.682%
  2. Pieter Foets with Romina v/h Kolisbos (by Glamourdale): 74.990%.
  3. Elodie de Biolley with Maestro V.B. (by Daily Diamond): 73.054%.

Patricia Mannaerts – Dalton
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Riders Party Tonight at ’t Azelhofke

Once the horses are ready, it’s time to dance! Starting at 9pm, the Riders Party will take place at ‘t Azelhofke, the bar at the corner of the building. Bring all your friends and make sure you have a good time.

Belgian Championship as preparation for the Olympics for Flore de Winne and Flynn FRH

After rain comes sunshine and a bright winner. In today’s big class, the Grand Prix, it was the very last combination to come away with the win. Flore de Winne sent her stallion Flynn FRH to victory in the Grand Prix class sponsored by Stephex.

‘I am quite satisfied with the ride, the two tempis went very well as did the passage and piaffe,’ Flore de Winne responded enthusiastically afterwards. The test was rewarded with a score of 72.370%, all judges placed De Winne in the lead.

‘That does really create a bond’
‘He has been with me for five years now. We started in the five-year-old tests, then the six-year-olds, seven-year-olds, the Small Tour and as an eight-year-old I already started him in the Grand Prix. It is my first Grand Prix horse for me and that does really create a bond,’ Flore praises her stallion. ‘We trust each other and we know each other. His ‘go’ is his biggest advantage of being a stallion.’

‘Happy to be here’
‘I am very lucky with the weather, I was able to ride in the sunshine. The accommodation here is beautiful, the stables are beautiful, which is very important to me. The arenas are beautiful and it’s a super nice environment. We are happy to be here.’ For De Winne, the BC is a preparation for the summer season with hopefully the Olympics as the crowning achievement. ‘Tomorrow in the Special I want to dare to do just a bit more, take a bit more risk than usual and see how that turns out.’

Top three Grand Prix
In second place was last year’s Belgian champion Larissa Pauluis with First-Step Valentin, they scored 71.370%, followed by Charlotte Defalque with Botticelli. Their test was rewarded with 70.304%.

With a score of 78.286%, Charlott Blevi and Junior Hit overwhelmingly won the first test of the Belgian Children’s Championships. With just under three percent difference, Evelyne Dieltjes followed in second place. She sent her Lord Lucardi VD V to a score of 75.518%, also a top score. Third was Matthis de Baere with his Elle d’Edouard Joly (69.768%). A total of eight combinations took part.

Charlott Blevi (BEL) – Junior Hit © DigiShots











As many as 23 pony combinations are competing for the title of Belgian champion. The first test was won by Helena Theeuwes and her Matteo 5. They scored 71.028%. In second place was Féline Verreet – de Booij and PAV Nikkei. Their performance was rewarded with 70.229%. Third was Alexine Herweyers, she rode her LeSch La Perla to a score of 68.914%.

Helena Theeuwes – Matteo 5 © DigiShots











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Tommie Visser and Karma Begijnhoeve lead in Small Tour class

The day started with heavy rain today, but that did not bother the winner of the Small Tour class. Tommie Visser sent his Karma Begijnhoeve through the water to victory. With a score of 72.294%, he was one and a half percent ahead of the runner-up.

‘Of course it was pouring down from the sky, during the warming up inside she was already going very well and then I had to go through the water into the ring and she kept going super well. She didn’t care and she just showed a very good test and I could ride super fine. Only in the changes I couldn’t keep her completely straight, I blamed the water but I don’t know if that was the reason,’ laughs Tommie Visser.

Good choice
A while back he took over the reins of Karma Begijnhoeve from Rob van Puijenbroek and he has no intention of swapping back. ‘Once swapped is swapped,’ he laughs. ‘At CDI Lier and The Dutch Masters, Karma was already super successfully and at home I am training her further. But I did feel she could do some more mileage at this level, so that’s why I’m bringing her to the start here now.’ And that proved no wrong choice. In the Belgian Small Tour championships, the combination is leading. ‘I’ll try to do the same again tomorrow in the Inter I as I did today,’ he said.

‘There should be more competitions like this’
The international rider comes to many places and has experienced many competitions. About Lier, Tommie praises. ‘I think this is one of the nicest competitions there is. It is top-notch. OK, last year and the year before it was nice weather, but that’s the only thing out of your control. The atmosphere is top, the arenas are top, the organization does its utmost to make sure everything is top notch. There should be more competitions like this,’ concludes Tommie Visser.

Top three
Domien Michiels finished in second place with Panthero van de Vogelzang, scoring 70.676%, followed by Rob van Puijenbroek with Le Premier Begijnhoeve in third place. The judges rewarded their performance with a score of 70.588%.

1. Tommie Visser and Karma Begijnhoeve with 72.294%
2. Domien Michiels and Panthero van de Vogelzag with 70.676%
3. Rob van Puijenbroek with Le Premier Begijnhoeve with 70.588%
4. Jorinde Verwimp with Vicomte de Reyves with 70.177%
5. Eline Borrey de Conick and Haressel with 69.823%


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Free entrance today at the Belgian Dressage Championships

It’s day two of the Belgian Dressage Championships and the entrance is for free today. So come over to Lier and support your favorite Belgian dressage riders.

On today’s program are the Small Tour, Big Tour, Ponies and Children. And the riders of the Diamant Cup and Briljant Cup are riding their second test.

Startlists and results
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Lauranne Lammens wins first section of U25 championship with Hilcara van het Vijverbos

It is her fourth year in the U25 and she has been a combination with Hilcara van het Vijverbos for 12 years. ‘I am 24 and Hilcara has been in my life for half my life, I am very proud of her’, is the first reaction of winner Lauranne Lammens. Her test was judged with a score of 70.441%, good for first place in the U25 championship, presented by MAX Amaze.

‘I absolutely did not expect this, I am very happy with Hilli. I was hoping to put down positive results, but I know the others are also very strong. So I’m really very happy with this’, said Lauranne Lammens.

Seventeen years old and still top fit
Seventeen-year-old Hilcara has gone through all classes with Lauranne. ‘I was hoping for the Juniors when I started with her, and now we have been riding U25 for four years. She has really exceeded our expectations. She is top fit and still surprises us, so I am very happy to be able to do this with her.’ In terms of preparation, Lauranne took it easy. ‘We try not to burden her unnecessarily, so she keeps enjoying it herself but with a certain regularity’, she said.

‘Without them it wouldn’t have worked out’
The scores were close, with the first five combinations sitting less than one and a half percent apart. How is Lauranne looking at the next few days? ‘We will try to ride our own tests and get through them clear. Happy horse, happy rider. And of course I want to make the breeder Guido Vanhumbeeck and my trainer Philippe Jorissen proud. They came to support and without them it wouldn’t have worked out either.’

Top 3 U25 – MAX Amaze
1. Lauranne Lammens and Hilcara van het Vijverbos (by Don Renoir): 70.441%
2. Sophie Jamar and De Maisiere (by Don Romantic): 69.529%
3. Laura Luyten and J2L Lamborghini (by Bravour B): 69.353%

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Belgian dressage strong on the rise: Belgian Championships hold great promise

The Belgian championships in Lier from May 15 to May 19 are bound to offer beautiful and exciting sport. After all, the Belgian dressage sport is on the rise. While the top is getting wider, the quality of those top combinations is increasing. Flore De Winne and Larissa Pauluis recently proved it with their very successful participation in the World Cup final in Riyadh.

A large and strong field of competitors has entered the Belgian Big Tour championships. Larissa Pauluis won the title last year with Flambeau (by Ampère) and is now defending the title with her World Cup final horse First-Step Valentin (by Vitalis). Charlotte Defalque, winner of last year’s silver medal, is also competing with Botticelli, the Vivaldi son with whom she impressively won the Freestyle last year.

All eyes on De Winne
But many eyes will be on Flore De Winne with Flynn FRH (by Fahrenheit). Last year they finished fifth at the BCh, but after the great indoor season they went through, this duo is one of the favorites. In the World Cup Qualifier in Mechelen they achieved a podium place and in the World Cup Final they finished sixth amidst global competition.

Growth of Belgian dressage sports
In addition to the classes in the Big Tour, the Belgian titles in the ponies, Children, Juniors, Young Riders, U25 and Small Tour will of course be competed for. Eline Borrey De Coninck will defend her title in the Small Tour with Haressel (by Uphill). Laura Luyten won the U25 title last year with J2l Lamborghini (by Bravour B) and will compete in this class again this year. Jette de Jong is competing in the Young Riders with Heavenly Charming (by Charmeur), with whom she was the best in the Young Riders last year. The growth of the Belgian dressage sport is also evident from the increase in the number of participants in the Children. Last year three combinations competed and now eight combinations are competing for the Belgian title. Next to the championships classes there will be a competition for Iberian dressage horses as well. And of course the Briljant Cup, Diamant Cup and Platinum Cup.

Road works
The Belgian championships are organized by Belgian Dressage Events, an organization dedicated to promoting top dressage sports in Belgium. The event will take place at the magnificent venue of the Azelhof in Lier. Please notice the road works, you can read here more about it.



Road works on Aarschotsesteenweg

The Roads and Traffic Agency Flanders (AWV) will start this Monday, May 6th with the sewerage and road works on the Aarschotsesteenweg (N10) between the bridge over the Netekanaal and the intersection with the Liersebaan. They will start on the side of the odd house numbers from 173 to house number 141. Please note traffic could be diverted.

Please check this document for more information or go directly to the site of Road and Traffic Agency Flanders.

In dialogue with the media during CDI Lier

Considering the fact that our equestrian society is passing through challenging times, as show organizers, we should be focused on finding the best solutions to make our sports better, as well as improving communication with the audience and media.

During CDI Lier, we had a chance to engage in dialogue with the media. In recent months, dressage has faced waves of criticism, and as we know, no field is perfect, and there are things we can definitely improve. On the other hand, social media and media, in general, sometimes show only one side of the story, which is not helpful in making our sports better. Therefore, the only way for us is to work together and to have respect for each other’s points of view.

Information and education are key, and our goal during CDI Lier was to establish dialogue between show organizers, veterinarians, coaches, riders and the media. This provided an opportunity to get answers to questions that are not often on the surface. We understand that this is only the beginning of the journey, but we truly hope that it was a good first step for the positive development of both our sports and unbiased media coverage. We should acknowledge the negatives but also highlight the positive aspects of our beautiful sports.

Winner 4* Freestyle Helen Erbe: “I think it is one of nicest competitions of the year”

It was again full house today at CDI Lier. The atmosphere was great, the horses amazing and the crowd enthusiastic. The final class of six wonderful days was the 4* Grand Prix Freestyle presented by Stephex, which was won by the German Helen Erbe and her Carlos FRH.

“I didn’t expect to win. Yesterday he was really impressed by the whole atmosphere. Today he still was, but just gave his best for me and try to concentrate”, was Helen her first reaction. “I always pinch myself because I think he’s a real champion. He always fights for me, always gives his best and I just really really love riding him. I did like the whole canter work of my Freestyle. The flying changes I tried to improve a bit compared to yesterday and I think it went quite well.”

Great for the horses
Helen praised the show: It’s really really cool, everything around is organized perfectly. The stables are great for the horses, the showground is really really cool. So I was really happy to be able to ride here. And I think it is one of nicest competitions of the year.”

Results 4* Freestyle
The judges awarded the Freestyle of Helen and Carlos FRH with a score of 75.895%, followed by the Spanish Severo Jurado Lopez and his lovely horse Fuerstenglory OLD on the second place, scoring 75.690%. The French Camille Judet Cheret and Herelja Higgins completed the stage. Their result was 74.205%.

Results 4* Special
Most of the big names competed in the 4* Grand Prix Special today. Yesterday’s podium of the 4* Grand Prix was swapped, and it was a real close call. The number one and two received the same score after their performance, but it was the German Dorothee Schneider who took the win at the end with Dayman 4. Jagerbomb and Becky Moody became second, followed by Jagerbomb’s sire, Dante Weltino and Therese Nilshagen.

Belgium riders dominated Small Tour Freestyle
It was a real Belgian party in the first class of today. The first four placings went to Belgian riders, as well as the sixth place. It was Jorinde Verwimp who took the victory. “I am very happy, this was the second international competition of this horse and only the fourth competition in total. He has only been at our stable since September and has not done many competitions before. I am super happy with how he performed here. I really felt that he gained every day more confidence in the arena.”
The score of Jorinde Verwimp and Vicomte de Reyves was 73.575%, just 0,005% higher than Tommie Visser and Karma Begijnhoeve, who became second. Rob van Puijenbroek and Quinten Begijnhoeve finished third with a score of 73.415%.

The best edition
It was for sure the best edition to date of CDI Lier and we are already looking forward to 2025. We would like to thank everyone who’s involved to make it such an amazing show.


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