Jos Struys: “I never find it boring”

Who doesn’t know him? He is a familiar face at national and international competitions and so too at CDI Lier. He has been working there since the first edition. Without him, no rider would be able to start, as he is responsible for opening and closing the arena. We are talking about Jos Struys.

Jos Struys
CDI Lier 2023
© DigiShots

What he likes most about CDI Lier? “The people and the stewards, I’ve known them for years.” He sees all the horses very closely and does his task with concentration. “I keep an eye on everything. I am not allowed to move and I watch carefully what the judges are doing.” And that is important. “I noticed once that the judge’s bell stopped working. I have to keep an eye on that.” Whether what he does is boring? “No, I never find it boring.”

Jos is a real horse lover and thanks to his work he has been to many places. “I like being at hotels. It’s nice and here they also have a very nice hotel.” Does he ever go on holiday? “This is my holiday, I just grew into it that way. I do get busier and busier, because it’s hard to get volunteers.” But Jos doesn’t seem to mind.

When not at work, Jos can be found among the horses. “I have three horses I take care of sometimes. I go there by bike. One of them is as tall as 1.80m. I give them attention and sometimes I have to put blankets on. My sponsor Onori made those.” Proudly, Jos shows a photo. “That horse is attached to me, and I to the horse. When he sees me, he is happy. Horses have to get to know you.”

What he likes best about his work? “That I can be close to the horses. I hope to continue doing this work for years to come.” And we hope so too!

Three in a row for Belgian Liezel Everars

Day after day the Belgium’s Liezel Everars managed to crush her competitors and so she did tonight in the Pony freestyle. With almost 3% difference, she won the third pony class on her well-moving pony FS Capelli De Niro.

Liezel Everars had a good start to her final season in the ponies at CDI Lier. The rider hopes to compete in her fifth pony EC this summer. “That would be a nice conclusion to my pony time”, she said.

Rising line
Dutch Sissi Gijssen climbed a spot in the rankings every day. On Tuesday she became fourth, yesterday third and today there was a second place in the freestyle. Riding her pony New Star 8, her freestyle was rewarded with 74.833%.

Successful Maddy Dijkshoorn
Maddy Dijkshoorn also enjoyed a successful CDI Lier. She managed to secure a place on the podium for three days. During the first two days she finished second and today she added a third place to her list of honours. She did so in the saddle of Boogie de L’Aube and today’s result was 72.975%. Belgium’s Anna Peeters and her pony Balotelli finished just outside the podium today with fourth place and a score of 72.500%.

Three different winners
The Children also entered the beautiful arena of CDI Lier for the third and final time. In this class, every day a different combination managed to finish on top and today this honour went to Germany’s Grete Louise Wagner. With her Furst Deluxe (by Fuerstenball), she scored 73.139% in the Individual Test. Yesterday’s winner, Turkish Lal Mira Gürgen became second in the saddle of her Lowland (by Bordeaux) with a score of 72.792%. Third was the winner of the first day, Sophie Evers. She rode her Beaumonde (by United) to a score of 71.148%.


Photo Liezel Everars: Digishots

World champion Charlotte Fry in the lead in Small Tour

After two days full of youth riders, today the riders of the CDI1* showed off. No less than 31 participants took part in the Prix St. Georges class. World champion Charlotte Fry came, saw and conquered, with over 3% difference.

Her 9-year-old Everdale son Jackson ran to a score of 73.941%, bettering his PR score. The Van Olst-bred gelding was unanimously placed first by the judging panel.

Scores close together
Dutch rider Marieke Ponzo Dieu-de Pundert became second, riding her Haliego (by Diego) to 70.677%. The scores of the rest of the top five were close together: Dominique Fillion followed in third place by sending The Boss (by Boston) to 70.265%. Dutch Quinty Vossers also did well and ended at the fourth place. She rode Inferno (by Everdale) to 70.235%, narrowly missing out on the podium. Belgium’s Jorinde Verwimp completed the top five with Gold Dream vd Kempenhoeve (by Jazz).

International debut
The 11-year-old The Boss made his international debut under the Dutch rider Dominique Filion, and he impresses with a third place. “I am of course very happy, this is my first international competition with him. I went with no expectations, although of course you hope to do as well as possible”, Dominique responded enthusiastically afterwards. “And he did very well. It confirmed what I think about this horse. He has a very good attitude.”

Very good memories
This is not the first time Dominique has competed at CDI Lier. In 2020, she managed to win two classes with Frida K. “I really love this competition, it’s so fun riding here. There is always a very good atmosphere. And I have very good memories of CDI Lier with Frida, winning the Small Tour. It is well organized, with eye for the horses, you ride in a nice ambiance, there is a great restaurant and very nice stables. Both for riders and horses it is absolutely amazing to be here.” Back to The Boss. What do you think about your chances for the next couple days? “I haven’t ridden the Inter I test that often yet, so it could still go either way. We are not yet confirmed at this level, but I am looking forward to it. That for sure! We live with the day, so today I’m really very happy”, Dominique concludes.


Photo Charlotte Fry: Digishots

Twofold U25-winner Zoë Kuintjes uses CDI Lier as steppingstone for EC U25

22-year-old Zoë Kuintjes has been riding in the U25 since last year. Earlier this year, she also made her Grand Prix debut. At CDI Lier, she won both U25 classes and told us that she will start her own stables.

Zoë Kuintjes knows how fast things can go. Since last year, she has been a combination with Cupido, who is owned by RS2 Dressage. With the former Grand Prix horse of Seth Bosman and Robin van Lierop, the intention was to quietly gain experience, but ended in a reserve spot for the U25 European Championship team. “That experience helps us this season”, says the enthusiastic rider.

Zoe Kuintjes (NED) – Cupido
CDI Lier 2023
© DigiShots

Focus on U25
“Early this year I rode at Amsterdam, now at Lier and then I hope to go to Aachen in a few weeks’ so that we can get the right form for the qualifications for the EC. I really want to focus with Cup on the U25 this year and to ride some nice competitions.”

CDI Lier is marked in her agenda
According to Zoë, one of those nice competitions is CDI Lier. It’s marked in her agenda. “CDI Lier is well organized and you get the change to ride in a beautiful entourage. The first year I came here with my pony and since then I always try to be there. And of course, it is extra nice to win here, especially in the U25.” Both days she managed to win the U25 trials by about 2 per cent distance. Tomorrow the freestyle is on the programme.

Grand Prix debut
Riding Grand Prix is something different than riding U25, Zoë found out recently. “Yes, that was a bit tough,” she laughs. “Cupido already knows what to do and it came out that way to start Grand Prix now. I thought he could also possibly help me through the test if necessary.” And was that necessary? “Well, it’s really different from a U25 test anyway. You have the same exercises but it’s still a bit tough. Cupido knew very well what he had to do so our score of 69% was not bad at all, but there were still some bumps in it. It was really nice to get this experience in advance.”

Own dressage business
Zoë’s focus is not just on U25 riding this year. From 1 April, Kirsten Brouwer’s former stable rider will start her own dressage stable. “I got so many requests that it became increasingly difficult to continue riding at Brouwer Stables. So that’s why I decided to start my own dressage business.” She hopes to combine the international competitions with some younger horses to train. ” I do really enjoy riding internationally, especially now that I have Cupido. Next to that, I would like to train horses for clients. Training young horses also really gives me a lot of pleasure.” And ultimately? “I would like to compete successfully at the seniors,” Zoë concludes.

Photos Digishots

Liezel Everars unbeatable in Pony Class: “I want to get the best out of my pony”

She did it again, the Belgium pony rider Liezel Everars was the very best in the Pony Class of CDI Lier, just like yesterday. “I want to get the best out of my pony because it’s my final competition year with him”, she told us right after her performance.

With a score of over 75% Liezel and FS Capelli de Niro performed really well at their first international competition of the year. “CDI Lier is such a beautiful competition to ride at, and up front you never know how things will turn out. But at least we always do our very best.”

Four European Championships
The combination isn’t unexperienced at all. They took part at four European Championships already and they are hoping to add another one this summer. “It’s our first international competition of the year, and there are still things to improve but I’m very happy with my pony. He loves all the attention and is a food addict as well”, laughs Liezel. FS Capelli de Niro is her partner in crime for already four years. “My most special memories are the Europeans, and hopefully we can close our pony time with another European Championship. For tomorrow I will try to do the same as the last two days”, decides Liezel.

12-year-old made international debut
Unlike the experienced Liezel, 12-years-old Alexine made her international debut at the Pony Class. This Belgium rider did really well with her amazing pony Terbofens Charico. “This is my first international competition. I found it very exciting and we gained a lot of experience.” Today they became 17th with a score of over 66%, yesterday they ended 14th also with a score over 66%.

Flying start
Alexine and Charico are together for just 3 months. In January they rode their first national competition and now they were all set to make their international debut. “Luckily Charico has a lot of experience and quality. We trained a lot and I had to learn to memorize all the tests.” Spoken about a flying start.

Little girls, big dreams
Little girls, big dreams. Alexine’s her idol? The Olympic Champion Charlotte Dujardin, of course. “I would love to ride once at the Olympics”, says Alexine with a twinkle in her eyes. But for now she is over the moon with her pony. “I’m really happy with him and hope to gain a lot of experience at competitions. And he’s for sure very sweet and loves to cuddle, that’s what I also really like about him.”

Dutch 2nd and 3rd
Just like yesterday, the second and third place were for Dutch riders. Maddy Dijkshoorn ended as second with her pony Boogie de L’Aube and scored 72.793%. The Dutch Sissi Gijssen ended as third with her pony New Star 8 and gained a score of 72.207%.


Sunday’s Clinic: Olympic Para Dressage Rider Kevin van Ham and Olympic Tineke Bartels

Sunday will be spectacular! Besides the Grand Prix Special and Freestyle there will be a clinic with Kevin van Ham and Tineke Bartels.

Kevin is a Belgium Para Dressage rider who competed at the Paralympic Games of Tokyo and the World Championships of Herning, and on top of that he also competes at regular Grand Prix level, WITH THE SAME HORSE. That’s absolutely unique. The well-known Tineke Bartels is a former Olympic rider from the Netherlands.

Some facts about Kevin:

  • He’s a student of the Belgium Olympic rider Jorinde Verwimp
  • He’s riding Para Dressage Grade V and Grand Prix with the same horse
  • He was born without a left forearm
  • He braids his horse himself

Jorinde Verwimp and Kevin went to Doha last week where he won the Freestyle with his horse Eros van ons Heem. “It’s really special to train together with Kevin”, explains Jorinde. “It’s amazing to see how handy he is as a rider and how he takes care of his horses.  He can do everything by himself even by missing his left forearm. And what I like the most is that he’s doing a great job at the regular Grand Prix as well. I think he’s the only Para Dressage rider who has achieved this.”

Be sure you attend CDI Lier on Sunday and don’t miss a thing of the clinic that will be around 14.30 and in between the Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Freestyle. The entree fee on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is 10 euro, tickets will be sold at the entrance. Parking is for free.

Youth riders impresses at first day

“Winning in Lier is really cool though”, a smile from ear to ear on Esmee Boers showed who won the Junior competition. The sixth edition of CDI Lier got off to a flying start today. Both the Children, Ponies and Juniors classes featured a strong field of competitors, where the youth managed to achieve wonderful scores.

“CDI Lier is an important competition for the youth ahead of the European Championships this summer,” explained CDI Lier chairman Wim Verwimp. “New combinations gain international experience and existing combinations look for the right form before the observations start.” Portuguese judge Carlos Lopez could only agree. “Compliments to the organization. This event is well organised in every way for sure the sports side but also the decoration looks really beautiful and does justice to the event.”

Dutch win Children
On the first day of CDI Lier, all youth categories showed off. The first three classes were the Children, Ponies and Juniors. In the Children, the win went to Dutch rider Sophie Evers and her KWPN mare Beaumonde (by United). Scoring 72.732%, she was narrowly ahead of her Turkish competitor Lal Mira Gürgen with Lowland (by Bordeaux), who managed 72.340%. A total of four combinations took part.

Liezel Everars by far the best
Twenty pony riders competed this afternoon. However, Belgium’s Liezel Everars stood head and shoulders above the other combinations. Her pony FS Capelli de Niro (by FS Champion de Luxe) danced to a score of 74.048%. Second was Dutch Maddy Dijkshoorn with Boogie De L’Aube (by Don’t Worry), she achieved a score of 72.476%, third was her compatriot Bridget Lock with Nespresso (by FS Numero Uno). Their performance was rewarded with 72.191%.

“Super nice ride”
Also in the Junior competition, the win went to the Netherlands. “I really didn’t expect this. I used to took part with my pony here and we always said if you can win in Lier, that’s really cool. And now we succeeded!” Esmee Boers was very satisfied afterwards. “I had a super nice ride, and receiving this score, that’s really nice.” The score of 70.101% is an improvement of over 3% for this combination in the Team Test.

From ponies to horses
Last summer, Esmee Boers concluded her pony time with a silver team medal and individual fourth place. Then it was time to switch to horses. “My mother trained Kiki all the way, so on Kiki I could really learn how to ride a horse”, she said. Kiki is not only a very nice horse in the ring. “She is really sweet, she is very cuddly in the stable and loves attention a lot. Besides, she always tries super hard for me.” The enthusiastic Esmee loves riding in Lier. “I really love riding this kind of competitions. It’s so nice to be away with your horse for several days, you’re here with everyone. At a smaller competition you would go home after your ride. Now we’re all going out for dinner, and tomorrow is another day to give it a try. That’s what I really like about international competitions.” Esmee her biggest dream? “My biggest dream is the Olympics and for now it’s a dream and a goal to ride the European Championships this summer with this horse.”

Britain’s Mette Dahl second
Britain’s Mette Dahl came second in the Juniors with her KWPN-bred Cashmir (by Sandro Hit). The judges rated this test 69.747%. Third was Dutch Lara van Nek with her Hanoverian Jappaloup (by All At Once), they scored 69.293%.

Dutch podium
The win in the Young Riders went to Danish Ida Kirstine Bjørn. She sent her Hussmanns Jackson (by Johnson) to 71.961%. Second place was for the Dutch Robin Heiden (by Tuschinksi), they received a score of 71.078%. The British Jessica McConkey was third with her Wilson Stensvang (by Blue Hors Don Schufro), they were rewarded with 71.030%.
The final U25 competition had an entirely Dutch podium. With Zoe Kuintjes and her Cupido, a son of Rhodium, in first place. They were the only ones who managed to cross the 70% and did so with 70,392%. Second was Lotte van Herik with Giovanni (by Ampere). They received 68.530% from the jury. With a score of 67.990%, Julia Bouthoorn came third with Choice Finch (by Voice).

Tomorrow all youth riders will be back in the arena. The program starts at 9.00 am, visit CDI Lier or follow the sport via the free live stream of ClipMyHorse.


Photo Esmee Boers and Kiki G: Digishots

Sweet memories of great Belgium Championship

Let’s look back together with some pictures of last week, made by our partner Digishots.


Wednesday May 4th:

Thursday May 5th:

Friday May 6th:

Saturday May 7th:

Sunday May 8th:


Daily Report Sunday May 8th BC Lier

Amber Hennes Belgian Champion Children 2022
The medals at the Belgian Championships for Children have been divided. Amber Hennes can call herself Belgian Champion at the Children for another year. It is already the third time that Amber has won the BK at the Children. Amber Hennes and Allegro v/h Trichelhof won all three classes at the Belgian Championship. In the final Individual test she rode to 77.935%.
Chloë Cleymans and Jondonderry made their debut at the Belgian Championships in the Children, only two months into the competition and prior to the BK she had only ridden one Children competition. The combination finished very handsome second at the Belgian Championship.
Elise Verwimp and Boemerang, fifth at the BK last year, were third overall in this year’s Championship. In the final Individual Test she also rode to third place with a score of 70.829%.

Liezel Everars again Belgian Champion Ponies
The pony combinations had the final Freestyle, which was won by Liezel Everars and Fs Capelli De Niro, this means that Liezel has become Belgian Champion again this year with a hat-trick. Her score in the Freestyle was 78.370%.
Emilie Hetweyers was also second in this year’s Belgian Championship, this time with Lesch la Perla. Her concluding Freestyle score was 76.485% (3).
Third place in the Belgian Championship ponies was for Anna Peeters and Balotelli 2, 76.485% (2) was her score today during the Freestyle.
This result is the same as the Belgian Championship 2021 with the exception that Emilie Herweyers rode Lesch la Perla to the silver.

Laura Luyten new Belgian Champion U25.
The new Belgian Champion U25 is Laura Luyten with J2L Lamborghini she rode to a total of 216.203 points. In the final Freestyle she rode to 75.785% (2).
Nico Nyssen and Farrington were the best today in the final Freestyle with a score of 76.740% which gave him the silver medal in the overall ranking. Nico Nyssen and Farrington have only been a combination since January this year.
Suraya Hendrikx and Black Beauty rode to 72.850% in the Freestyle which was good for the third place and the bronze medal in the overall ranking of the Belgian U25 Championships.
On the fourth place we see back Lauranne Lammers and Hilcara Van Het Vijverbos, the fifth place was for Xanthe de Backer and Batiqar and on the sixth place Aurélie van der Voort and Don Domingo.

Nicole den Dulk and Elien Layheyne new Belgian Champions Para – Equestrian
In the Para – Equestrian the new Belgian Champions are now known.
Nicole den Dulk and Wallace are the new Belgian Champions in the Grade II. Nicole has announced that she will only compete for Belgium, previously she was able to compete for both countries due to her Dutch passport.
Nicole: “It is a nice competition, I could try some new things with Wallace which worked out well.
In the Grade III, Elien Laheyne is the Belgian Champion 2022. She started here with Dolce Vita H.

Isabel Cool Belgian Champion Small Tour 2022 🇧🇪🇧🇪
This afternoon the final class, the Freestyle, was on the program for the Belgian Championship Small Tour.
Freestyle win was for Isabel Cool and Herr Charmeur Coolhorses, 74.525% was enough to win the Belgian Championship Small Tour.
Isabel: “I won the first part on Wednesday with 73%, the second part i also won, I was so happy with today’s Freestyle that I could write the BK on my name. With Glorious Coolhorses I was also good in the ranking but I couldn’t compete in the final. Yesterday I competed them in the small final and I won that as well. It has been a great BK and I am happy with the performance of my horses. With Soulmate Coolhorses I also got a nice third place in the Brilliant Cup”.
Suraya Hendrikx and Benica rode today to 74.080% what a second place in the Freestyle and her second place overall.
Jorinde Verwimp and Just A Little Krack v/h Klaverhof were very strong today and came third in the Freestyle with 73.460%.
Third place in the overall ranking went to Dominique Mohimont and Toureine du Meugon, today in the Freestyle her score was 72.240%.

Hat-trick for Larissa Pauluis again Belgian Champion Grand Tour🇧🇪🇧🇪
Larissa Paulis has extended her title of Belgian Champion by one year. All three classes were won by Larissa Pauluis, as well as the Freestyle this afternoon, 76.860% was the winning score she rode with First-Step Valentin and what earned her the title of Belgian Champion.
In 2021 Larissa Pauluis was also champion of Belgium only then she did that with Flambeau. She was also successful with Flambeau (not in the Freestyle) but placed on the podium in the first classes.
Amandine Prevost and Quaterdance grew in the Championship, a previous sixth and third place, there was today the second place in the Freestyle, 74.090% was the score what gave her the silver medal.
The bronze medal was won by Charlotte Delfalque, today she rode Botticelli to 73.900% during the final Freestyle, this earned her overall third place in the Belgian Championship.
Domien Michiel and Intermezzo Van Het Meerdaalhof came fourth, followed by Jorinde Verwimp and Charmer in fifth place.

Daily Report Saturday May 7th BC Lier

Platinum Cup overall victory for Laurens Vanderbeeken.
After Laurens Vanderbeeken previously won the first test, on his birthday. Winning the second test on his wife Emily’s birthday. Tonight he won the Freestyle. Laurens rode to 72.500% which gave him a hat-trick and victory in the Platinum Cup.
Also today a nice second place for Priscilla De Jong and Vork’s Jackson her Freestyle was scored with 72.395%. This results in second place for her overall. Cathy Van Leeuw and Donnerfunke came third overall and also third in the Freestyle, her score today was 72.225%.
​Hat-trick for Amber Van Den Steen, she prolongs the title Belgian Champion Young Riders.
After the Team Test, the Individual Test and now the Freestyle, Amber Van Den Steen has won the title of Belgian Champion Young Riders for one year longer.
Amber Van Den Steen and Fame rode in the final Freestyle to a score of 77.795% and was unanimously put in first place by all judges.
The new Belgian Champion Juniors Jette de Jong rode Heavly Charming in the Young Riders Freestyle to 74.025%. This also gave her second place in the overall ranking.
Karoline Sofie Vestergaard rode Junior Hit in her Freestyle to third place with 73.085%. For Karoline this also resulted in third place in the overall ranking.
In the championship we see Louise Brauwers and Esprit in fourth place, followed by Athaline Van Roey and Gugranda.
​Jette de Jong Belgian Champion Juniors 2022.
The final Freestyle for the Belgian Championships was also the third victory for Jette de Jong at the Belgian Junior Championships. She became Belgian Champion for the fourth time, her first BK was in the Juniors and then three times in the Juniors. Twice with Heaven and today with Indini, her score in the Freestyle was 75.655% which was also a personal record for the combination.
Anna Peeters and Harlekin came second in the Freestyle today with a score of 71.665%. Aude Verheelde and Frappant scored 70.870%.
Results Belgian Championship.
Aude and Verheecke rode to second place overall with a total score of 218.093. Third place was for Clara Collard and Escape with a total score of 207.658.
Anna Peeters and Harlekin ended on the fourth place, Ine Bloemaert and Joy Forever we see back on the fifth place and on the sixth place we see Julie Opsomer and Jackson Win T.
​Isabel Cool winner of the Consolation Small Tour Belgian Championship 2022.
The consolation of the small tour final has just been won by Isabel Cool who rode in the consolation to a score of 70.882%.
Followed closely by Jorinde Verwimp, she rode to a fine second place with Ampere’s Diamond v/h Klaverhof, her score was 69.461%.
On third place we see Jennifer Reimer, with Zapzarap she rode to a score of 76.108%. Yinthe Van de Ven and No-Limit CV came fourth (66.961%) and Britt Baranya and Buffon came fifth (66.618%).
​Belgian Championship Children Team Test victory for Amber Hennes.
Also the second part of the Children’s Team Test was won by Amber Hennes. Today her score with Allegro v/h Trichelhof was 79.100%.
In the third Children test Chloë Cleymans rode Jondonderry to 75.121% and obtained again a second place. Chloë and Jondonderry are only two months a combination, and only her third Children test.
Elise Verwimp and Boemerang moved up a place compared to yesterday, today her score was 71,725% and she came third.
Sunday, May 8 at 08.00 hours the final test, the individual test will be held.
​Belgian Championship Ponies Liezel Everars also wins the Individual Test.
After the previous win in the Team Test at the BK, Liezel Everars adds today the win in the Individual Test. Today her test with Fs Capelli De Niro was good for 75.243%.
Also today we see Emilie Herweyers and Lesh La Perla in second place today good for 71.406%. We also see Emilie Herweyers back in third place, today her score with Don’t Dream We came to 71.352%.
Sunday, May 8, the final Freestyle is on the program, it will start at 09.15 hours in the Stephex Arena.
​Jorinde Verwimp wins the Brilliant Cup 2022 in Lier, Belgium
Today was the last day for the combinations which came out in the Briljant Cup. After the last part, the Freestyle, we can make up the final ranking.
Winner of the Brilliant Cup 2022 is Jorinde Verwimp who rode River Rise Benneton in the Freestyle to a score of 72.450%, ultimately this brought her the victory.
Wouter D’Hoore and Jessica rode to a total score of 209.860 which gave him second place.
Isabel Cool and Soulmate Coolhorses are in third place in the overall ranking with a total score of 208.477.
​Also the Diamant Cup Consolation has just been won by Tommie Visser, with Kristal Begijnhoeve the winning score was 71.566%.
Also in the small final we see Rob van Puijennbroek with Kane Begijnhoeve on second place. Today’s score was 70.303%.
Third place was for Nathalie Van Hemelrijck who rode Obama to 69.293%. Dominique D’Hoore – Van der Horst came fourth with Khaleesi V/d Wolfshoeve and scored 68.535%. Fifth place was for Julie Depaepe and Wolfshoeve’s Sammy De Luxe WH (68.485%).
​Diamand Cup, Hat-trick for Tommie Visser also victory in the Freestyle.
It was the first time for Tommie Visser and Quinten Begijnhoeve to compete in the Freestyle. With a slightly adjusted existing Kür to music of Tommie they rode more than enough to win the Kür today. The freestyle of Tommie Visser and Quinten Begijnhoeve was rewarded with a score of 76.215%.
Tommie said earlier this week: “I brought my own freestyle on small tour level, we have to change that a little bit. For the pirouettes I can make a full circle, that has to be done in the test and the changes we have to make a nice line”.
Rob van Puijenbroek and Karma Begijnhoeve, who earlier in the Diamond Cup were already good for two second places, also rode in the final Freestyle to a second place and finished second overall.
Laurence Roos and Kingston finished third overall, her Freestyle today gave her a score of 73.275%.
Jorinde Verwimo and New Barry Z came fourth overall, fifth was Amber Van Den Steen and Handel.
Overall ranking:
Tommie Visser – Quinten Begijnhoeve 223.658
Rob van Puijenbroek – Karma Begijnhoeve – 216,982
Laurence Roos – Kingston – 212,681
Jorinde Verwimp – New Barry Z – 212,053
Amber Van Den Steen – Handel A – 211.552